Hijabi, Hijabi Fashion

Here we go … (again)

It’s been more than 5 years since I’ve wanted to start a modest clothing business. Since then, a few have opened up by some beautiful young Muslim ladies nearly everywhere around the world.

Today, I attempt to start what I’ve wanted to do more than half a decade ago.

Every day, InshaaAllah (God-Willing) I shall blog my successes/failures and see how far I get.

Today I jotted down a quick mission statement and some to-do steps.

This blog will either be the beginning of a new journey in my life or just another idea that didn’t get very far! Both ways, I can’t hide my excitement for the future!

Salam siblings





Fairouz does not sing, she whispers memories and emotions in a flawless manner. She retells stories of teenage love, heartache and the love for ones country.
I used to wonder why my mother would reminisce when a Fairouz song was played, now I know. Fairouz has the ability to mentally place you in your best memories- reminding you of the ‘good’ times.
I am fascinated by the contradiction that occurs in some of her songs, when she whispers a heartache in a joyful hopeful voice. Her voice clears my head, focuses my thoughts and fuels me with energy, reminding me to take my time and perfect whatever it is that I am doing at that moment when one of her ‘whispers’ is played back.