Black & White


There’s something about it,

something about black & white pictures that fascinate me.

The eloquence,

the grace,

the femininity,

intact and powerful.



Starting as a seed

The beginning, and hopefully the journey to beyond the beginning.

You see, I am cursed with a serious disease called never-been-ever-able-to-finish-anything-in-my-life, some of these symptoms are getting bored easily, loosing concentration or my biggest problem is wanting to experience everything and anything all at once. I want to be a zoo keeper, a fashion merchandiser, the owner of an orphanage, a political speaker, a dancer, a house-wife, a mother, not a mother. I want to experience it all that if after a week I haven’t lost interest in a project I simply get side-tracked, distracted or I find myself interested in a completely different project. Positives of this disease are that I am always trying something different, always challenging myself and never stopping at one platform for too long, but the drawbacks are never reaching an intermediate level at anything, never fully exploring and diving into a set of skills. Drawbacks are you’re always a beginner at this or that, never fully skilled because to reach your full potential you need time, effort and more time but you get bored easily, you move away too quickly. Sometimes its equilibrium.

I don’t know what the point of this blog is, except maybe to announce that I am undertaking a new project. How long will I remain interested in this new project? I don’t know, a week? Two weeks? We’ll have to wait and see.