If I could, I would (buy) … #2

trousers Saint.Laurent.Crepe.blousenecklacechanel-bracelet bibashoes  fendi

Givenchy pleated culottes in ivory silk, £1,625, Net-A-Porter

Saint Lauren crepe blouse, £790, Farfetch

Chanel long multi-strand metal necklace embellished with medallion charms, £2,110, Chanel

Chanel metal bracelet embellished with medallion charms, £650, Chanel

Biba leather pouchette, £39, House of Fraser

Chanel sandals from the cruise collection, £440, Chanel

Fendi Zucca-patterned scarf £190, Sefridges

I was going to go for a Clare V leopard print clutch but it had real calf hair-on which didn’t feel right so I opted for a real-leather faux-hair-on pouchette instead, hypercritical? Maybe a little, I need to sort out emotions on hair-on and leather products! Are you yay or nay for leopard?


4 thoughts on “If I could, I would (buy) … #2

  1. I don’t think buying leather is better than buying fur. I still don’t know where I draw the line. I don’t have fur coats, yet I have a sheepskin rug and leather purses. I’m a walking hypocrisy.

    Anyways, I’m a cheetah print kind of girl for accent pieces. Very small accent pieces. I usually wear solids and then add a bold headband (like Blair Waldorf) or shoes.

    • I’m a walking hypocrisy too! I’m against real fur, yet I would buy fur from vintage shops and I have a few leather handbags! The Clare V calf hair-on clutch just made me think, I mean it looks gorgeous, but it’s an animal’s hair/skin at the end of the day. But I guess that’s the same with leather! Argh

      • There’s no winning. You either give up everything that is made from animals, i.e. leather and jello, or you can’t be opposed to fur accessories and clothing.

        I love the look of fur on clothes and as blankets, but then I feel so bad at the same time. Fox fur is beautiful, and I always look at fox blankets, but then I’m horrified by the process of making that blanket.

        Well, I suppose your post has turned into an ethics debate… but with ourselves.

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